Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth day

Earth day is very important to me because i love earth. We all live in this mysterious planet call earth. We are all in need of food, air and water. "Save the earth". Hmm, very mysterious. What does it say? It means that earth is very important. Without earth, we, as the living things, can't survive. If we never reuse, reduce and recycle, everything in our world will be banish. I can bring my own shopping bag when we go out to shop. I can also recycle used paper. On earth day, we can go around in the neighbourhood and help clean up the place there.

Monday, April 13, 2009

International friendship day

Hey everyone, Today is about international friendship day. We celebrate it because we get to know different kind of country in ASEAN. I don't know wwhat causes International friendship day, but i know it is interesting. I don't know what does ASEAN stands for, but also again, i wish to find out. ASEAN has 10 different country in it. I like the activities given out during International Friendship day.They are interesting and fun. I have 2 friends name Salim and Anastasia from the ASEAN countries. They are from Vietnam. I made friends with them when i went there to celebrate Chinese New Year on January. The school could also let learnt more by putting up different cultures so that recess time we had the time to look at them. That's for now. Bye!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Improving the school

I like the field most because it is a nice place to play soccer in. I don't think i hate a place in school because i feel like Anderson is like a 2nd home to me. But i think that the classrooms can improve. We can decorate them by filling in the board with pictures that are being drawn. We can also put in notes to someone who are important to us. The canteen can also be improved. They can add in new tables and chairs. That way, people will feel comfortable when they have CCA or remedials after school. Pupils can also help by not littering on the floor. Only then will the school be very spick-and-span.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Healthy Eating

Hey everyone! Have you tried the dangerous thing? By the way, let;s get on with blogging. My favourite food is... I don't really know. But rice is one of my favourites. But i don't know why i like it so much. Maybe it's the aroma? Or the taste? But i think it is quite healthy because it has vitamin. If you eat unhealthily, i also don't know what will happen to you. Hey, i don't know much about HE. But if you talk about fruits and vegetables(my favourites), You might have healthy living. You might not get heart failure, I shoud think so. As i say, fruits and vegetables are my 2nd favourite as it helps me develop a good body. It also helps me develop a healthy mind. I can't wait for the 'fruity-veggie' challenge. The challenge is that when you asked for more vegetable, you will get a card. The card will then be given to the HE moniter and then.... i forgot. I badly want our class to win. I want to end my posting by saying that i am very sorry for such little writing. So long!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today, i have to write about reading. Reading is interesting. It helps us build our knowledge. Reading at 7 to 7.20 in the morning is fun. I think it is a good idea as it can help our mind in the morning, especially when ther is an English test that day. I love reading. There is one book that i remember reading that has the word debris. At first, i look that word up on a dictionary, and i understand the meaning. Coincidentally, that word came up in my tuition revision worksheet! Reading does pays after all. Even though i like to read, i read books like Mr.Midnight, unlike my friend Yuan Chang. She reads book that is about 14cm! If i were her, i would die. Somehow, the school encouraged me to read. Now i know how to make other kids read. They would probably want to read a book of their own choice. Something like comics. It goes for my another friend Min yi and another friend Aaron. Really, i like to read Enid Blyton's storybook. Her stories are interesting and it sometimes help you in your compositions too.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Activities outside school

I am a very busy girl. Well, not quite very busy but busy. On monday and Wednesdays afternoons, i am free! On Tuesdays and Thursdays afternnons, i am busy with tuitions. And that is from 7.30pm to 9.00pm. PSLE is coming nearer.So boring? And the rest is busy playing... i mean studying. And do you know what? I have a lot of home work right now, but cleverly, i manage to post this. It is Friday today. Yes! No 3 hour of studying and no 6 hour of schooling! Okay, that wasn't suppose to be a yeah for some of us. Why i am involve in these activities is very simple. I want to achieve my target. Man, i forgot! I was suppose to sign my handbook! I'll do it later. I don't really have self-discipline,okay? I hate studying but what to do? No hope fo passing, that's what they say. But you shouldn't believe people so easily right? Okay, just kidding. I don't think it will affect my studies. In fact, it should be increasing. Stressed?, actually. I don't feel stressed at all and i don't know why. I think that more P6 students should engage in this kind of activities as it is good for your studies.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Passion for learning

Today, i am writing about passion for learning. Passion for learning means that you have the desire to learnt. And you are not afraid of achieving it even though it needs hard work. I think people need some passion for learning even though they really do not like the subject. If can, i would like to follow my sister's steps. She is very weak at percentage. But because of her passion for learning, she gets a good agregrate score and into a good school. If i could have the passion for learning like she has, i am determine to achieve what i want to. I don't really think i have a passion for learning. But at least i am starting to understand why teachers want us to revise, revise, revise. Class test 1 is coming soon and only a few weeks to go. I don't really have much time left. Now i'm going to start revising my work. So long!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Target setting

Hey again. Today i am going to talk about target setting. My target is to achieve either A or A* for every subject. So far, i have done a time-table and done some revision. I have to work harder to achieve my target. In maths, percentage is the most difficult subject. Paying attention in class more will help me to improve the subject. If i always neglect in class, i will not achieve my target. Lots and lots of assesment will help me. I will have to try not to fall ill as falling ill will make me sick and absent from school. This will make me miss out subjects. I will also get distracted easily. I must learnt from my mistake and make sure i don't repeat it. I must also increase my knowledge. The goal i set may not be realistic to most people. They might say it's impossible. Well, i don't think so. Nothing is impossible. When there is a will, there is a way. I'm going to find the right path- the path that leads me to success(I don't know the right spelling,but i know the meaning).

Monday, February 09, 2009

Total defence

If i were to chose to defend anything, i want to defend a lot of things. First of them is the National Anthem. The composer is Zubir Said. He's song is very meaningful to the singaporeans. It shows how far we want Singapore to go. It also shows that the Chineses, Indians and Malays should not have any war and that we should together live in peace and harmony. I would also want to protect my country. I would prepare for any war to happen in Singapore. If can, I would try to save my family from any war. In my opinion, the Japanese is cruel back in those days. If possible, i hope that Singapore would not undergo such suffering again. Next i would defend my family. Should anything horrid happens, i will try to investigate the matter and together, solve it with them. I guess that this part, i will have to go through thick and thin together. Defending anything makes me happy and proud. As long as what i do is safe and not "dirty", i will always be there for anyone.