Monday, February 09, 2009

Total defence

If i were to chose to defend anything, i want to defend a lot of things. First of them is the National Anthem. The composer is Zubir Said. He's song is very meaningful to the singaporeans. It shows how far we want Singapore to go. It also shows that the Chineses, Indians and Malays should not have any war and that we should together live in peace and harmony. I would also want to protect my country. I would prepare for any war to happen in Singapore. If can, I would try to save my family from any war. In my opinion, the Japanese is cruel back in those days. If possible, i hope that Singapore would not undergo such suffering again. Next i would defend my family. Should anything horrid happens, i will try to investigate the matter and together, solve it with them. I guess that this part, i will have to go through thick and thin together. Defending anything makes me happy and proud. As long as what i do is safe and not "dirty", i will always be there for anyone.

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