Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today, i have to write about reading. Reading is interesting. It helps us build our knowledge. Reading at 7 to 7.20 in the morning is fun. I think it is a good idea as it can help our mind in the morning, especially when ther is an English test that day. I love reading. There is one book that i remember reading that has the word debris. At first, i look that word up on a dictionary, and i understand the meaning. Coincidentally, that word came up in my tuition revision worksheet! Reading does pays after all. Even though i like to read, i read books like Mr.Midnight, unlike my friend Yuan Chang. She reads book that is about 14cm! If i were her, i would die. Somehow, the school encouraged me to read. Now i know how to make other kids read. They would probably want to read a book of their own choice. Something like comics. It goes for my another friend Min yi and another friend Aaron. Really, i like to read Enid Blyton's storybook. Her stories are interesting and it sometimes help you in your compositions too.

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